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Pipe Corals

Alfarid Corporation Limited specializes in supplying and exporting the finest grade and hand selected cleaned Organ Pipe Coral

belongs to genus Tubipora musica also commonly named as Red Coral Stone, coral reefs, natural red coral, bekh marjan, nashif, busad,

pipe corals and red sea coral reef.
Pipe coral is found under shallow waters of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Origin of organ pipe corals is Socotra Island, being the

best selected quality of pipe corals and sea red coral. Color of these natural coral reefs is deep red characterized by long, parallel upright

polyps supported by a skeleton of rigid organ pipe-like tubes of calcium carbonate. Red coral stone coral tastes very bitter and saltish.

Significance and Uses:

Organ pipe coral  and coral reefs is natural herb material used pharmaceutical ingredient and is considered important in the list of herbs.

Red sea coral is used in medicinal preparations for nervous system and dental medicines, particularly in Greece. Pipe coral herb is also

effective in curing internal bleeding system in women together with regulating their menstrual cycle. Busad is considered as an effective cure

for piles/ hemorrhoids diseases and also being tested and studied for various natural curative properties.

Red Coral stone is also used in making jewelry items such as pendants, necklace, rings, cufflinks, buttons and also in making marble slabs.

Organ Pipe Coral Price

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